Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dear Truth Teller,

I have been into a relationship for 2-3 years. We started it off as chat friends and then
fell in love..We met in person and liked each other..Our's is a long distance relationship..
hence we are not committed..but we are serious about this relationship..we meet once in a while.

Off late there have been some fights and misunderstandings happening between us...we tried to sort it out several times, but in vain.Its me who has always called back to clear out things and not him.

He intiated the decision of parting ways recently..and I too thought that it was high time..he wants to set things right now between us.Should I give it a second chance..or just get over with it?

Confused Soul

Dear Confused,

Healthy relationships require consistent effort from both people. Many times, long distance can actually slow down the natural course of a relationship because it's easier to let a lot of things go when you aren't there to witness them first hand. (And it's easier to keep the "not so pretty" parts of ourselves to ourselves).

However, it can also be harder to strengthen the bond between you due to the distance. In addition, history has proven that your boyfriend has not been as serious about keeping up honest communication as you have. It's time to let this relationship take it's natural course and end it. View it as good practice for a the next time, when you're in a relationship with someone you see often and who cares about you and your feelings as much as they do their own. You'll be much happier. Best, TT.

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